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Is AARP Insurance the best choice for you? Maybe it is. Please answer these questions:
  • Are you an Insulin Diabetic?                                        
  •  Do you suffer from cancer?
  •  Are you on Dialysis?
  •  Have you had a Heart Attack or stroke in the last two years?
  • Do you live in a convalescent home?

 If your answer  NO  to these questions  then you may qualify for a more affordable  Final Expense Insurance Rate than AARP Insurance! Request a Quote today and compare top rated Seniro Life Insurance Companies!

You have many options when it comes to final expense insurance today!

Some of the benefits of our Senior Life Insurance Program Include:    

  •  If you are 0- 85 years old , you qualify.
  • Coverage Available from$3,000 to $50,000 
  •  Builds Cash Value
  •  No Medical Exam Required (approval based on answers to questions on application)
  • 10 pay and 20 pay Plans Available
  • Single premium Whole life
  •  Additional benefit for Accidental Death
  • Premiums never increase and Death Benefit never decreases

Final expense insurance gives your loved ones the resources they need to acknowledge your role in their lives. Along with writing a will and preparing an advance directive, you must decide how your final expenses will be paid for. Final expense insurance offers an affordable way to provide for these costs, so that family and friends can celebrate your life without financial obligations.

While a traditional senior life insurance policy can provide funeral and burial coverage, final expense insurance policies have a lower face value than standard life insurance plans. You can purchase a final expense insurance policy with a coverage limit of several thousand dollars, enough to pay for a basic funeral service, casket, burial and cemetery plot. Term or whole life coverage generally begins at $10,000, an amount that may exceed your needs. Final expense insurance gives you just the right amount of coverage to arrange the funeral that you want.

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  • "I wanted to just pay $3,000 for a life insurance plan, and I got it here and it covers me for $6,000 for the rest of my life guaranteed,no more payments.Thank you"
    Barbara Long,California
    I got a great Single Premium Whole Life Policy